Hi there! My name is Sophia and I’m an English Language teacher living in Barcelona. I have made it my mission to make ESL and Social Science resources accessible to everyone. ?

Since you are here, you’re probably curious to know more about me. So cozy up, grab a drink, and let’s get chatting.

I started teaching English and Spanish as a Foreign Language twenty-five years ago, just when I graduated from university and I have never stopped teaching since then.

In the last 15 years I have also worked as an online teacher and I have also myself devoted to teaching CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) through Social Studies and Art. I love oil painting in my free time! ? I share the resources I have created for these lessons in my shop in Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sometime around 2015 I started EnglishWithSophia, where my online English lessons have helped learners to become more confident and fluent. My classes are carefully tailored for each individual learner and I am an enthusiastic teacher who believes in making every lesson dynamic, interesting and fun.

​I have a clear communicative teaching methodology designed for the online environment and for working with individual learners, which I believe to be the most effective method for developing the confidence to speak English. So, y objective is to upgrade my students’ everyday English and help them move forward in their careers.


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