what did theaters look like in Ancient Greece
Learn how theaters looked like in Ancient Greece and the different elements that formed it: the orchestra, the stage and the cavea.
This resource includes an urn-shaped Ancient Greece Timeline and a questionnaire with 12 questions on the information in the timeline.
This Castle and Siege Weapons Poster shows how attackers to castles in the Middle Ages would use this collection of heavy and clumsy weapons.
Want to know some exciting facts about England, a small country well known across the world? Discover these exciting facts!
Do you know why mastabas and pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt? For centuries, they were the tallest structures on the planet.
Know why if you eat well, you look better and boost your reading skills with this quiz that will help you pass your FCE with flying colors.
Berthe Morisot's Sketchbook Activity
Try this Berthe Morisot Sketchbook Activity. Mix warm reds, yellows, purples and oranges, and cool greens, blues, grays and lavenders.
This simple time prepositions cheat sheet and brief explanation will help you to understand and use them properly.
Aladdin Role Play Drama includes the printable script for the story of Aladdin, an engaging activity to understand this classic tale.
Watch this TED-Ed Video, take Picasso's shocking Guernica video quiz, and understand why this painting is considered a masterpiece.
The Spice Route in the 15th Century brought great power and influence and, over the centuries, bloody battles were fought to win control it.
coffee menu
With this exclusive luxurious coffee menu you will find this less daunting to ask for your favorite one when you travel abroad.
Learn the magic history of Maya Angelou and improve your reading skills and graded vocabulary with one high-interest worksheet.
verb tenses cheat sheet
This simple verb tenses cheat sheet and brief explanation will help you to understand the ins and outs of every tense we use in English.
real women have curves
Real Women Have Curves, such a beautiful movie! ... and a great opportunity to improve your English listening skills!
cigarette smoking
Cigarettes aren't good for us. Watch this video on how Smoking Affects Us and take the quiz to see how much you have learnt.
Watch James Earle's TED-Ed Video, take part in Girl with a Pearl Earring Masterpiece video quiz, and understand why this painting is considered a masterpiece.
hide and seek worksheet
Hide and Seek:8 Find the Hidden Objects Worksheets develops figure-ground perception and improves the ability to establish size relationships.
rise fall sumer
The rise and fall of Sumer video quiz will help you understand much better Sumer civilization, which developed in Mesopotamia.

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