Here you are a simple Renaissance timeline to keep record of the most relevant events that took place in the 1400s and in the 1500s in Italy.
Here you are a timeline to keep record of the most relevant events of Renaissance and Humanism, and a Mindmap on the key factors that made Renaissance develop in Italy.
Villa La Rotonda is a Renaissance villa just outside Vicenza in northern Italy designed by Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.
Le Corbusier house diagram Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris (birth name), (6 October 1887 – 27 August 1965), known […]
Baroque church diagram Baroque is a style of art that flourished in Europe from the early […]
Crazy about colors Hi, guys! If you are crazy about colors, here you have some color […]
Vanishing point diagram In art, a vanishing point is the point in a perspective drawing where […]
Here you have a questionnaire to spark your interest in art, and a list of useful vocabulary and collocations related to visual arts. Hope you love it!
Here you are a timeline to keep record of the main artistic representations that developed during the Paleolithic and Neolithic, being one of the most impressive of them Lascaux Caves in France and Altamira Caves in Spain.
Art Masterpieces to color Spark your students’ imagination with this set of 35 coloring pages, also […]
Pablo Picasso Google Classroom Form This is the Google Classroom Form for the printable “Picasso. Inspiring […]
Colors and Art Painting is one of the oldest forms of expression. People have been painting […]
Types of lines in drawing Do you wonder what are the types of lines in art, […]
Who was Vincent Van Gogh? Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1853. His […]
Hello everybody! Here you are one short video to teach you how to "paint" Starry Night step by step, the famous painting of a moonlit sky with stars in it by Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. It was painted in 1889 and it was one of the last paintings the painter made.
Aboriginal Art Painting Video Aboriginal art is art made by indigenous Australian people. It includes work […]
Simple Art History timeline to keep record of the different artistic periods, beginning with Prehistoric Art till contemporary art.

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