how do you meet new friends
Making new friends is an exciting part of moving to a new place, but sometimes it’s hard to know just how formal to be with new people. Learn how you meet new people, how to introduce yourself to neighbors and how teenagers talk.
Learn how to introduce yourself in natural English by revising phrases and vocabulary in context.
fresh synonyms for dull words
Learn this short list of practical, fresh synonyms for most dull words to make your speech better.
Useful Phrases for FCE Speaking Part 3 Here you are some useful phrases you can use […]
How does the FCE Speaking Exam Part 3 work? In this part of the test you […]
English words have letters that are pronounced, but other they are silent. When do you pronounce those letters and when you don’t ?
Here you have a questionnaire to spark your interest in art, and a list of useful vocabulary and collocations related to visual arts. Hope you love it!
Practical exercise to boost your fluency For improving fluency and sounding more like a native English […]
FCE Speaking – Part 2 The speaking part 2 of your FCE exam is straightforward; the […]
FCE Speaking – Part 1 The speaking part 1 of your FCE exam is straightforward; the […]

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