Outstanding Conversation Starters

Hi, guys! How are you? As you know, a language exchange is an informal way for people to improve their language skills. In addition to encouraging interrelation between people of different nationalities, such exchanges contribute to broadening participants’ perception of the world. So this post will provide you with some outstanding conversation starters to break the silence and get the most of this experience, talking about personal relationships.

Personal relationships

Outstanding Conversation Starters
Outstanding Conversation Starters

Outstanding conversation starters on Relationships (Family)

How many surnames do people in your country have? If you have more than one, can you change their order?

How often do you see your family?

What role do grandparents play in families?

At what age do people usually leave home?

Is it common to have lunch with your family once a week when you have left home?

Outstanding conversation starters on Relationships (Friends and couples)

How important are friends?

Is it common to have close, lifelong friendships?

Is the concept of engagement outdated in your country?

At what age do people usually get married or move in with their partner?

Is it common for young people to have sporadic relationships?

Outstanding conversation starters on Relationships (Having children)

How many children do people in your country usually have?

Does the “large family” concept exist? If so, how many children must a family have to be considered large?

Do you get state benefits for having children?

At what age do couples tend to have children?

What activities do parents usually carry out with their children at weekends or during holidays?

I hope you find these outstanding conversation starters useful. Enjoy yourself! 😉 Go on learning about the Use of English and about Passing Your First Certificate Exam With Flying Colors.

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