Simple Human History Timeline

Here you are a timeline to keep record of the periods into which Human Prehistory and History are divided and the some of the most relevant events that gave rise to these periods: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Ancient Age, Medieval Age, Modern Age and Contemporary Age.


Prehistory extended from the time the first human beings appeared until the invention of writing (which marks the beginning of recorded history),

Prehistory is often subdivided by a three-age system. This system of classifying human prehistory creates three consecutive time periods, named for their respective predominant tool-making technologies: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.


History is divided into five different ages: Prehistory, Ancient History, the Middle Ages, the Modern Age and the Contemporary Age.

ANCIENT HISTORY extended from the invention of writing until the fall of the Roman Empire.

The MIDDLE AGES extended from the fall of the Roman Empire until the discovery of the Americas.

The MODERN AGE extended from the discovery of the Americas until the French Revolution.

The CONTEMPORARY AGE extended from the French Revolution until present day.

Simple Human History Timeline
Simple Human History Timeline


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