One-to-one online classes

Enjoy learning English

Hi! My name is Sophia and I’m an English Language teacher. Contact me and once I’ve assessed your specific needs and goals, I will design a winning game plan customized to your schedule.

Online classes are


Too shy for a group class? Prefer to work alone? Get private, confidential instruction from your teacher.


Make progress quickly with individual attention. You’ll begin to overcome fears, build confidence, and improve your English fluency immediately.


Every class is designed specifically for you and what you need the most. I adjust the classes as you make progress.


You’ll start to love learning English. 


My 1:1 classes start at $30 USD/hour or 25 EUROS /hour


I offer you a free 30-minute assessment session to know you and determine your specific needs. Book your session now.

First Certificate Exam

How do we interact in class?

·Do I take notes in class?

Can I check the material and content AFTER my class?

The answer is GOOGLE DRIVE, the main tool we will use to interact in class.

I will create a shared document to work together in REAL TIME. You will have access to this document FOR EVER

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The Zoom, Skype and Meet applications will allow us to make quality calls, to share screen and sound, interactive whiteboard, book, and much more.

The online classes aren’t cold or boring, quite the opposite. Technology will help us to improve your English from home while you have fun.

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Any content in English is perfect for our classes: newspaper articles, Youtube videos, cartoons, your favourite book, culture text, the latest film you’ve seen …

Improving your English can go hand in hand with speaking about things you are fond of. If you would rather use a text book, then don’t worry, we can use with digital books.

How am I qualified to teach you?

· Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature and Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the Universitat de Barcelona

· Master of Arts in Literature and English-Speaking countries Culture from the Universitat de Barcelona

· Nationally Board Certified

· Multiple courses on ESL teaching​

· 25-year experience as a high school English Language Teacher

· Experience preparing students for First Certificated and Advanced Cambridge exams

​· Experience with learning other languages (I’m fluent in French!)

· A professional, patient and supportive teacher


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