The House of Wisdom, also known as the Grand Library of Baghdad, refers to either a major Abbasid public academy and intellectual center in Baghdad or to a large private library belonging to the Abbasid Caliphs during the Islamic Golden Age.
A mosque is a place of worship and many of them are known for their Islamic architecture. The earliest mosques, opened in 7th century were open-air spaces. Here you are a diagram with the different parts you can distinguish in mosques and their function.
The old story goes that the city of Rome was built on seven hills. The heights are all located on the east side of the river Tiber and have always been very important places of the city and it is on these hills was the life of Roman citizens. Discover what's so special about each of the seven hills of Rome.
Know all about Saint Peter’s Basilica St. Peter’s Basilica, which is called “Basilica di San Pietro […]
Villa La Rotonda is a Renaissance villa just outside Vicenza in northern Italy designed by Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.
Le Corbusier house diagram Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris (birth name), (6 October 1887 – 27 August 1965), known […]
Baroque church diagram Baroque is a style of art that flourished in Europe from the early […]
Vanishing point diagram In art, a vanishing point is the point in a perspective drawing where […]

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