6 Tips for your FCE exam day

Practicing FCE exams at home has its perks: it’s a comfortable, low-pressure environment. However, when the day of your FCE exam arrives, the situation changes, and your confidence may plummet dramatically.

Fortunately, there are six tricks you can use to help you handle this nerve-racking experience:

1. To start with, get a good sleep the night before and go into the exam with a clear head – you will need to be fresh as a lot of concentration is required.

2. With Reading and Use of English, it is best to read the whole text in Parts 1, 2, and 3 before starting to fill in any gaps, as some of them will require an understanding of the whole text. In Part 4, don’t forget to always use the keyword exactly as it is given.

3. With Reading and Use of English, make sure you look carefully at the instructions, title, and subtitle for each text as these will tell you where the text comes from and will give you an idea of what it is about.

4. With Writing, remember that each part carries the same number of marks, so don’t spend too long on one part, and avoid having to rush at the end. Give yourself time to plan, write, check and edit your work. If you do make any changes, make sure your corrections are clear.

5. With Listening, don’t panic if you miss something. Remember that each listening text will be played twice so you have a second chance. Make sure you read through the questions carefully before the recording starts; this will give you an idea of what it is about and will help you to follow it more easily.

6. With Speaking, make sure you listen to what your partner is saying and pick up on the comments they make. Communicating is all about listening and responding appropriately.

Try these tips to help you overcome your exam day’s fears and thrive through your FCE exam!


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