coffee menu
With this exclusive luxurious coffee menu you will find this less daunting to ask for your favorite one when you travel abroad.
use of English
"Especially" or "Specially"? That's easy! Here you are two sentences where you could clearly see the difference between these forms, and practice on your own.
Hello everybody! Do you want to boost your English fluency and sound more natural? Then, learn these 100 English idioms that will you make sound closer to the language native speakers use.
numbers in english
Learn how to say and use numbers correctly in English, how to say large numbers, percentages and fractions, and other number expressions.
The following cheat-sheet will help you to recognize the informal and formal ways of saying the same thing.We use formal language in situations that are serious and informal language in situations that are more relaxed.
fresh synonyms for dull words
Learn this short list of practical, fresh synonyms for most dull words to make your speech better.
The word ‘very’ in English is, of course, very important. It is an adverb that we use to highlight or intensify adjectives: very nice, very big, very good. Using if frequently seems hard to avoid, but as an English teacher, I feel that students tend to use this word too much.There are similar words that could be used instead. Now, we are going to cover these alternatives and show ways to diversify your vocabulary as much as possible.
Here you have a questionnaire to spark your interest in art, and a list of useful vocabulary and collocations related to visual arts. Hope you love it!

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