verb tenses cheat sheet
This simple verb tenses cheat sheet and brief explanation will help you to understand the ins and outs of every tense we use in English.
use of English
"Have been to/in" or "have gone to"? That's easy! Here you are three sentences where you could clearly see the difference between these three forms, and practice on your own.
boosting pronunciation
Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: learn how to pronounce the final "ed" for past tense endings of regular verbs, past participles and some adjectives.
use of English
Do you want to know the difference between Lie and Lay? These are tricky verbs, but easier than you think!
What’s the difference between phrasal verbs LET, GET, LOOK and WORK? A phrasal verb is a […]
What’s the difference between “to say” and “to tell”? Here you are a brief summary of […]
Difference between “to look”, “to see” and “to watch” Here you are a brief summary of […]

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