What do you know about New Zealand, a mountainous group of islands in the Pacific Ocean? Discover these exciting facts about New Zealand!
Want to know some exciting facts about the Canada? This big country is famous across the world for its majestic mountains, incredible wildlife, frozen glaciers, and beautiful cities. Actually, what do you know about Canada? Discover all the amazing and interesting things Canada has to offer with these exciting facts.
good value for money
What about shopping, finding good value for money, and striving for fluency in English? Let’s have a look at the words and best expressions to talk about shopping, malls, and fresh produce!
money money money
How about boosting your fluency in English when talking about money? Let’s have a look at the words and best expressions to talk about easy money, banking, earning your living, and managing your money!
make yourself at home
Deciding on a place to live isn’t always easy.Let's see how people weigh their options when deciding whether to rent or buy a house, and find their home, sweet home.
There are daring, adventurous streaks for any style. Let’s take a look at some of them and learn how to handle other original choices.
get away now and go on vacation
There are vacation options for any style and to suit any pocketbook.Let’s take a look at some of the choices and learn how to handle vacation.
Restaurant choices are endless: steaks, vegetarian meals, burgers, pizza, and ethnic cuisine from just about every country on earth. Learn how to have the perfect dining!
Are you fed up with hanging around, waiting for buses and trains? Here you are the perfect solution: Drive!. Learn how to get around by driving your own car!
how to get around by car, subway and taxi
There are plenty of ways to get around and most cities and towns have an efficient mass transit system. Learn how to get around by bus, subway, and taxi!
how do you meet new friends
Making new friends is an exciting part of moving to a new place, but sometimes it’s hard to know just how formal to be with new people. Learn how you meet new people, how to introduce yourself to neighbors and how teenagers talk.

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