Prehistory dates back to the time before the invention of writing—roughly 5,000 years ago. Without access to written records, scientists investigating the lives of prehistoric peoples face special challenges. Deep dive into this intriguing and pivotal moment in our history.
Make learning easier with this "Cheat Sheet" or Reference Sheet on The Peopling of the World (social organization, key achievements, hunting-gathering bands, growth of villages, rise of cities.)
With this poster you will learn about paleolithic camps and how the first humans lived during the Stone Age.
In this mindmap, you will grasp the main characteristics of Paleolithic, Neolithic and Metal Ages, the three periods prehistory is divided into.
Here you are a timeline to keep record of the periods into which Human Prehistory and History are divided and the some of the most relevant events that gave rise to these periods: Paleolithic, Neolithic, Ancient Age, Medieval Age, Modern Age and Contemporary Age.
Ultimate infographic to understand human evolution Human evolution is about the origin of human beings. All humans […]
Here you are a timeline to keep record of the main artistic representations that developed during the Paleolithic and Neolithic, being one of the most impressive of them Lascaux Caves in France and Altamira Caves in Spain.

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