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Use these words right: “afraid”, “frightened”, and “scared”

Hi, guys! How are you? Aren’t so sure about how to use these words right? “Afraid”, “frightened” and “scared” are a little tricky but read this post and spell out all your doubts!

If you are afraid, frightened, or scared, you think that something bad will happen.

  • The children were so afraid that they ran away.
  • They felt frightened.

Similarly, you can also say that you are afraid of something or someone, or frightened of something or someone.

  • Tom is afraid of the dark.
  • Lu was frightened of her father.
  • Molly is scared to tell Jim what happened.

Above all, don’t use “afraid” in front of a noun. For example, don’t say “an afraid boy.” Say “a frightened boy” or “a scared boy.”

On the other hand, if you worry about something, you can say that you are afraid of doing something wrong, or afraid that something will happen. You don’t usually use “frightened” in this way. Little by little we are learning how to use these words right: “afraid”, “frightened”, and “scared”

  • Keira was afraid of being late for the meeting.
  • I was afraid that nobody would believe me.

Moreover, if you have to tell someone something and you think it might upset or annoy them, you can politely say I’m afraid…, I’m afraid so, or I’m afraid not. You can’t use “frightened” or “scared” in this way.

  • “Can you remember her name?” – “I’m afraid not.”
  • “I’m afraid Sue isn’t at her desk at the moment. Can I take a message?”

Hope now you can use “afraid”, “frightened”, and “scared” right and with confidence! Go on learning when to use “especially” or specially”, the Use of English and about passing your First Certificate Exam with flying colors!

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