12 Essential Tips for A Successful Language Exchange

Hi, guys! How are you? A language exchange is an informal way for people to improve their language skills. In addition to encouraging interrelation between people of different nationalities, such exchanges contribute to broadening participants’ perception of the world. This post aims to provide 12 essential tips. for a successful language exchange.

Likewise, you will find a range of ideas, guidelines, and suggestions so that you can conduct your conversation sessions independently. In this way, you will get the greatest possible linguistic, cultural and personal benefit from them.

If you are about to start a language exchange, these are some practical tips to get the most of this experience:

1/ With your partner, review your language exchange programme’s participation rules.

2/ Establish a regular schedule for sessions, based on both partners’ availability.

3/ Decide on the duration of each session and the time for which each language is to be used. It is recommended that an equal amount of time be devoted to each language.

4/ Look for common interests on the basis of which you can plan activities conducive to practicing using your languages. Possibilities include everyday activities (e.g. going shopping), cultural activities (e.g. visiting a museum), and obtaining information (e.g. in relation to services).

5/ In the case of an oral exchange, adapt the nature and speed of conversations to your partner’s language skills.

6/ For written exchanges, adapt texts to the required level.

7/ Establish goals (be they linguistic, cultural or personal) for each session.

8/ Decide whether you want your partner to correct your errors. Agree on a way for them to do so.

9/ Take an interest in your partner’s linguistic and cultural biography.

10/ Look for information on their country.

11/ Remember that there may be differences in the ways you and your partner communicate. They can include verbal language or non-verbal language, and cultural references.

12/ Think about how to provide balanced information on life in your country. Be respectful towards other ways of doing things.

12 Essential Tips for A Successful Language Exchange

Keep in mind the following suggestions and ideas for your sessions:

Above all, plan your sessions and decide what you want to talk about from one week to the next.

Ask the meaning of words you do not understand.

Take a pad of paper so that you can make a note of new words or use drawings to aid explanations.

Use images when giving descriptions.

Try to avoid resorting to translation.

With your partner, find out about cultural events and activities in your city to see if there are any that interest you both.

Similarly, recommend each other books, songs, or films in your languages, and spend a while discussing your opinions of them.

Keep in mind that your sessions can take place in a non-academic setting (over a drink or a meal, etc.) or via social networks.

I hope you find these 12 Essential Tips for A Successful Language Exchange useful. Enjoy yourself! ;-). Also, find outstanding conversation starters to break the silence talking about communication, or relationships.

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