Outstanding Conversation Starters

Hi, guys! How are you? As you know, a language exchange is an informal way for people to improve their language skills. In addition to encouraging interrelation between people of different nationalities, such exchanges contribute to broadening participants’ perception of the world. So this post will provide you with some outstanding conversation starters to break the silence and get the most of this experience, talking about communication, relationships, and gastronomy.

Communication, Personal Relationships, and Gastronomy

Outstanding Conversation Starters
Outstanding Conversation Starters


Body language

Are people in your country reserved or expressive in interpersonal relations?

Do you use body language (placing your hand on someone’s arm, patting their back, etc.) while talking?

How do you greet someone you have just met for the first time?

Do people tend to look at one another directly when walking along the street?

Are public displays of affection frowned upon?

Verbal language

Are people in your country direct when they speak or do they tend to use a more ceremonious form of language?

Do you make a distinction between a formal and an informal version of the pronoun “you”?

Do you use informal expressions such as “mate” or “buddy”?

How do you express gratitude?

Is a certain degree of confidence required for someone to use the imperative or give orders directly?

Communication skills

Do you tend to strike up conversations with strangers on the train or in the lift?

Do you stay at the table and chat after a meal with a group of people?

How do you feel when people ask you about your personal life?

Do you routinely ask people for their telephone numbers?

What do you talk about when having dinner with someone for the first time?

I hope you find these Outstanding Conversation Starters to Break the Silence Exchange useful. Enjoy yourself! 😉 Go on learning about the Use of English and about Passing Your First Certificate Exam With Flying Colors

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