Cause and effect relationship in history

The concept of cause and effect is essential in Social Studies. Recognizing patterns of cause and effect is an important analytical skill that allows us to explain why things happened the way they did in the past.

It’s also a strategy that can make it possible to predict what may happen in the future. Understanding how events, conditions, and people interact is crucial to interpreting historical facts, while breaking these facts down into causes and their ultimate effects can help make sense of complex historical events.

Understanding cause and effect requires a good grasp of the concept of chronology. Every event has a cause, and is itself the cause of subsequent events, which may therefore be considered its effect(s), or consequences.

Here you are a cause and effect infographic with some relevant causes and effects of ancient history (Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, origins of Christianity, Islam and the Middle Ages)

Hope you find it useful!

Cause and effect relationship in history
Cause and effect relationship in history


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