Eat well, look better

Know why if you eat well, you look better and boost your reading skills with this quiz that will help you pass your FCE with flying colors!

As you probably know, B2 First, formerly known as Cambridge English, is one of the Cambridge English Qualifications that proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English. Before jumping into the details of the exam and show you how to pass your FCE exam with flying colors, take this quiz on love at first sight, and get some handy advice to boost your English!

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Vocabulary: Eat well, look better

oxidation: the process of combining with oxygen

cell: the basic unit of a living thing

mechanism: the fundamental physical or chemical processes of an organism to a given stimulus

antioxidant: a substance found in vitamins that protects body cells from oxidation damage

seaweed: a plant that grows underwater

apricot: a small yellow-orange fruit

stock up: to keep extra; to get a lot of

tentatively: cautiously; for now but not finally

proverb: a saying that gives advice or expresses some truth

Idioms: Eat well, look better

take in [ to eat; to consume ]. Ex: “Research shows that if you don’t take in enough vitamin D, you will develop health problems.”

stock up on [ to keep a lot of something for later use ]. Ex: “I stocked up on bread today while I was shopping.

even better [ in addition to the previous good thing ] Ex: “My grandmother’s delicious apple pie tastes even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.”


Help + (Object) + Infinitive

Help is followed by an infinitive with or without to. Sometimes, help is followed by an object + infinitive with or without to.

Ex: “These vitamins help (produce / production) molecules called antioxidants, which actually help (reduce / reduction) the production of free radicals.”

Ex: “Vitamin A and E are particularly good for helping your skin (remain / remaining) young-looking.”


1. Which foods have you heard have lots of antioxidants in them?

2. Do you think you have a healthy or unhealthy diet? Why?

3. What are some ways that people in your country take care of their skin?

Hope this post on the link between what we eat and our appearance helps you to reach your objective of passing your FCE Exam and enjoy yourself in the process. If you want to practice your reading skills, take the quiz on Love at First , the Magic Fun Art Quiz, or any other quiz in my website.

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