How to write a formal letter

When you have a formal letter or email for your FCE, keep in mind these basic instructions:

Dear Sir/Madam (In case you don’t know the name → Yours Faithfully)

Dear Mr X (→Yours Sincerely)

Reason for writing (Who I am (not the name!), What I want, When and Where it happened)

I am writing with regard/reference to (the article which appeared when/where) to express my concern about/disappointment with/dissatisfaction with/disapproval of/apologies for (motivation)

Body (2/3 paragraphs – Points from input material)

· Firstly, /To begin with, /Moreover, / Furthermore

· In fact, /In addition to this, / What’s more, / Finally,

· (I feel) I must also (dis)agree with

· I would like to/ I want to point out that …

· According to your (article)/ Your (article) states that… However, /which is completely wrong

Action Step/Desired outcome

· I trust/very much hope you will (print this letter in the next issue of your newspaper)

· I would appreciate it/be grateful if you would

· It seems only fair that you should

· I look forward to receiving/seeing

· In light of the above (I feel I am entitled to a full refund and a formal apology)


Yours faithfully/Yours Sincerely


(Your name and family name)



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