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Learn how to pronounce regular past tenses

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: learn how to pronounce the final “ed” for past tense endings of regular verbs, past participles and some adjectives. So, listen carefully, repeat and record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. Learn how to pronounce regular past tenses. Practice makes perfect!

“ed” pronounced like /t/

Pronounce “ed” like /t/ after the voiceless consonant sounds k p t f s θ and

  1. developed – He developed a plan for success.
  2. laughed – She laughed at the joke.
  3. thanked – They thanked me for the gift.
  4. crossed – They crossed it off the list.
  5. cashed – They already cashed the check.
  6. pitched – I pitched the idea to my boss.

“ed” pronounced like /d/

Pronounce “ed” like /d/ after vowels and the voiced consonant sounds b ŋ g ʒ l m n r v z and

  1. robbed – That’s the man that robbed the bank.
  2. banged – She banged the book down.
  3. bagged – He bagged the groceries.
  4. managed – They managed the account well.
  5. called – He called me from his business trip.
  6. charmed – She charmed him with her beautiful voice.
  7. rained – It rained all afternoon.
  8. poured – I poured him a cup of coffee.
  9. lived – They lived in Mexico for two years.
  10. used – I used all the ink.
  11. massaged – He massaged her sore shoulders.

“ed” pronounced like /Id/

Pronounce “ed” like /Id/ after vowels and the consonant sounds d and t

  1. devoted – He’s a devoted employee.
  2. greeted – They greeted me at the airport.
  3. accepted – I accepted the offer.
  4. decided – She decided to apply for the position.
  5. provided – They provided the necessary information.
  6. attended – He attended the conference.

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