The Peopling of the World Cheat Sheet refers to the Neolithic revolution, which was the first agricultural revolution. It was a gradual change from nomadic hunting and gathering communities and bands to agriculture and settlement. This period is described as a “revolution” because it changed the way of life of communities which made the change. It occurred in different prehistoric human societies at different times. Many societies changed 9–7 thousand years ago.

The term “Neolithic Revolution” applies to the changes which took place, that is to say, early farming techniques, crop cultivation, and the domestication of animals. The Neolithic Revolution is important for developments in social organization and technology.

Make learning easier with this “Cheat Sheet” or Reference Sheet on The Peopling of the World (social organization, key achievements, hunting-gathering bands, growth of villages, the rise of cities.)

You can use this language arts printable as a quick “cheat sheet.” It is one excellent resource to include in binders and interactive notebooks. This sheet is designed as a resource so you can quickly find the information you need when you need it. Great for using as mini anchor charts.

For durability, you can laminate the sheets, or compile them in a binder with plastic protectors.

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Hope now you can make learning about The Peopling of the World easier! Go on learning about the Middle Ages and about Mesopotamia!

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The Peopling of the World Cheat Sheet
The Peopling of the World Cheat Sheet



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