Why is Picasso’s Guernica so shocking? Video Quiz

Why is Picasso’s Guernica so shocking? Watch Iseult Gillespie’s TED-Ed Video, and take this video quiz. You will understand why this painting is considered such a soul-breaking masterpiece.

In 1937, in one of the worst civilian casualties of the Spanish Civil War, Fascist forces bombed the village of Guernica in Northern Spain. For Pablo Picasso, the tragedy sparked a frenzied period of work in which he produced a massive anti-war mural, titled “Guernica.” How can we make sense of this overwhelming image, and what makes it a masterpiece of anti-war art? Iseult Gillespie investigates.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to answer all the questions to be able to submit your answers, and you’ll get immediate feedback on your mistakes without having to provide any email!

Go to my store in TeachersPayTeachers, or download directly from the link down below the printable “Picasso. Inspiring People. Reading Comprehension. Distance Learning”

It includes three sections to assess the reading comprehension of the text:

– A true / false activity (5 questions)

– A short answer questionnaire (7 questions)

– A vocabulary question on synonyms (8 questions)

Total: 100 points

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