What is Renaissance?

As you know, the Renaissance is a period in the history of Europe beginning in about 1400, and following the Medieval period.

“Renaissance” is a French word meaning “rebirth”. The period is called by this name because at that time, people started taking an interest in the learning of ancient times, in particular, the learning of Ancient Greece and Rome. The Renaissance was seen as a “rebirth” of that learning. The Renaissance is often said to be the start of the Modern Age.

During the Renaissance, there were many famous artists, many writers, and many philosophers. Many people studied mathematics and different sciences. A person who is clever at a great number of things is sometimes called a “Renaissance man”. Leonardo da Vinci, who was a painter, a scientist, a musician, and a philosopher, is the most famous Renaissance Man.

Renaissance in Europe

The Renaissance started in Italy but soon spread across the whole of Europe. In Italy, the time is divided into three periods:

  • the Early Renaissance.
  • the High Renaissance
  • the Late Renaissance which is also called the”Mannerist” period.

Following the Mannerist period was the Baroque period that also spread across Europe from about 1600. Outside Italy, it can be hard to tell when the Renaissance period ends and when Baroque begins.

Filippo Brunelleschi
The Sixtine Chapel ceiling full view
Renaissance perspective
Renaissance and Reformation
Humanism and Renaissance Timeline


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