Revealing life at a Paleolithic Camp Poster

Prehistory means “before recorded history”. History is a way of recording what happened in the past. In ancient times, people used to remember stories by repetition or turning them into songs. Then came cave painting. Finally, about 6000 years ago people started to make marks on clay tablets to help them remember, and so writing was invented. Songs and sagas are likely to be changed as they are learned by each new generation of minstrels and story-tellers. Painting and art usually only captures a moment in time.

Writing really only emerged about 5000 years ago, in what we call The Bronze Age. That is why Historians (people who study history) don’t know very much about what prehistoric people did.

The information we have about prehistoric people is mainly gathered from archeology – the art of finding and interpreting things that are buried in the ground. Sometimes we find ancient burial sites, which contain human remains and sometimes ‘grave goods’ which we can now date fairly accurately by measuring the decay of an isotope called Carbon 14. Other such artifacts include weapons, jewellery, pottery, painting, even preserved post-holes and earth-works that allow us imagine how their buildings may looked and how they used to live.

Human activity really started when people picked up sticks and stones, bound them together, and made themselves simple hammers, spears and other tools. It seems that, because making and using tools is difficult to learn, language evolved to compliment simple grunts and gestures.

Here you are this poster to learn about paleolithic camps and how the first humans lived during the Stone Age.

This poster belongs to the poster bundle “Ancient History Villages” in my store in TeachersPayTeachers.

Hope you find it useful!

Paleolithic Camp Poster



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