Best trick to remember the difference latitude / longitude

Hello to everybody! Want to know the main difference between longitude and latitude? Want to know the best trick to remember it? Longitude is a measurement east or west of the prime meridian. Latitude, on the other hand, is the measurement north or south of the Equator.

In short, they are a coordinate system from which we can determine the specific location or position of any place on Earth’s surface. Besides that, we measure longitudes from imaginary vertical lines that run across the globe, and latitudes from imaginary horizontal lines that run across the globe.

Do you want a mnemonic trick that helps you remember the basic difference between latitude and longitude? Here in an easy way to remember the difference between latitude and longitude: remember the word EQUAL (EQUAtor+LATitude)

Hope you find this useful and will now always remember the basic difference between latitude and longitude. Go on learning on Geography and other great countries such as EnglandCanadaIreland, and the United States

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