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Linking with /i/ in the middle of a word

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: linking with /i/ in the middle of a word. Listen carefully, repeat and record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. Practice makes perfect!

When the vowel /i/ is followed by another vowel, make sure to link the two vowels with a consonant /y/

  1. mysteri*ous
  2. obvi*ous
  3. curi*ous
  4. associ*ation
  5. vide*o
  6. pi*ano
  7. superi*or
  8. re*ality
  9. precari*ous
  10. pre*industri*al
  11. medi*um
  12. re*action
  13. marry*inh
  14. rati*o
  15. radi*o
  16. previ*ous
  17. ide*a
  18. insomni*a
  19. resili*ent
  20. experi*ence
  21. furi*ous
  22. differenti*ate
  23. study*ing
  24. luxusi*ous
  25. courte*ous

Keep on practicing your pronunciation with these other speaking posts. Take care and enjoy life! ,-)


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