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Learn how to link with the same sound

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: linking with the same sound. Listen carefully, repeat and record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. Practice makes perfect!

When a word ends with the same consonant sound (not necessarily the same letter) with which the next word begins, only pronounce the consonant sound one time.

  1. bus system – Have you learned the bus system?
  2. We’ll leave – We’ll leave at 4.00
  3. far-reaching – The decision will have far-reaching consequences.
  4. tax saving – These are tax saving incentives.
  5. half full – Her plate is only half full.
  6. sun never – The sun never shines at midnight.
  7. both theories – Both theories make sense.
  8. wish she’d – I wish she’d hurry.
  9. higher rent – They pay higher rent than we do.
  10. help Pam – We should help Pam.
  11. parallel lines – Parallel lines will never intersect.
  12. real love – This is real love!

Keep on practicing your pronunciation with these other speaking posts. Take care and enjoy life! ,-)


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