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Learn how to pronounce compound nouns

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: learn how to pronounce compound nouns. So, listen carefully first, then repeat and finally record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. In other words, practice makes perfect!

When pronouncing compound nouns (such as darkroom or blackboard), stress the first syllable or word and raise your pitch. Then, lower your pitch on the second syllable or word.

For example, darkroom (a compound noun) is stressed on the first syllable and dark room (not a compound noun), on the second syllable.

  1. darkroom/dark room a. The photographer develops film in a darkroom. b. Put a lamp in the corner. It’s a dark room.
  2. blackboard/black board a. The teacher is writing on the blackboard. b. Read the sign on the black board.
  3. greenhouse/ green house a.The farmer is growing tomatoes in the greenhouse. b.Mrs. Johnson lives in the green house.
  4. checking accounts a. I’d like to open two checking accounts. b.I’m checking accounts at the office.
  5. make-up/make up a.The actress wears a lot of make-up. b.We need to make up a new list.
  6. take-off/take off a. Prepare for take-off. b. Please take off your shoes.
  7. put-down/ put down a. That insult was a real put-down. b. Put down the chair in the corner.
  8. White House/ white house a.The President lives in the White House. b. My house is next to the white house.
  9. cheapskates /cheap skates a. My brothers are real cheapskates. b. She bought a pair of cheap skates.
  10. hair dryer/hair drier a. Don’t forget to pack the hair dryer. b. You need to have your hair drier.

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Above all, take care and enjoy life! ,-)


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