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How to pronounce nouns, adjectives and verbs

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: learn how to pronounce nouns, adjectives and verbs. Listen carefully, repeat and record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. Practice makes perfect!

Stress the second syllable when the following words are used as a verb, and stress the first syllable when the following words are used as a noun.

Example: the verb “to present” is a verb, so you stress the second syllable, but “present” is a noun, so you put the stress on the first syllable.

  1. Verb to present, noun present. He’d like to present you with this present.
  2. Verb to project, noun project. He projects that the project will be finished by June.
  3. Verb to conflict, noun conflict. The conflict in the region conflicts with international diplomacy.
  4. Verb to progress, noun progress. We need to progress making progress.
  5. Verb to record, noun record. Records show that they recorded the CD last Thursday.
  6. Verb to object, noun object. The object of the exercise is to object to the leader.
  7. Verb to increase, noun increase. A profit increase will increase our stock price.
  8. Verb to desert, noun desert. The soldier deserted from the army in the desert.

When these words function as adjectives, the stress is usually on the first syllable, e.g. record sales, conflict resolution.

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In short, keep on practicing your pronunciation with these other speaking posts, or learn more about adjectives and prepositions.

Above all, take care and enjoy life! ,-)


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