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Learn how to omit Unstressed /ə /Syllables

Hello everybody! Here you are one bright helpful trick to improve your pronunciation: omit unstressed /ə/ syllables. So, listen carefully, repeat and record yourself, and you will see how your pronunciation starts improving little by little. Learn how to omit Unstressed /ə /Syllables. Practice makes perfect!

It is common to omit the syllable /ə / when it is unstressed in a multi-syllabic word. Be sure to pronounce the consonant /r/.

1. conference (confrence) – I’ll be at the conference.

2. Montgomery (Montgomry) – I’m based at the Montgomery office.

3. interesting (intresting) – That’s an interesting perspective!

4. naturally (natchrally) – Her products are made naturally, the old-fashioned way.

5. aspirin (asprin) – Take an aspirin if your head hurts.

6. several (sevral) – I knew several people at the party.

7. temperature (temprature) – The temperature is steadily falling.

8. preference (prefrence) – What’s your preference?

9. different (diffrent) – Let’s take a different approach.

10. camera (camra) – I’d like a digital camera.

11. separate (seprit) – Those are two separate issues.

12. generally (genrally) – Generally speaking, I like to read fiction.

13. favorable (favrable) – We’re hoping for a favorable outcome.

14. favorite (favrit) – Her favorite season is summer.

15. laboratory (labratory) – His laboratory is next to mine.

16. deliberate (delibrit) – It was a deliberate lie.

17. miserable (misrable) – She has the flu and feels miserable.

18. comfortable (comfterbel) – This couch is very comfortable.

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Above all, take care and enjoy life! ,-)


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